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How to Install Mod Apk on Android: A Complete Guide

Download the Mod Apk file from techappsandroid . and tap on the APK file. Click 'install'; Wait for the APK to install. Now click on the 'Done' button ...

July 05, 2022 14:00 How to Install Mod Apk on Android: A Complete Guide

People are asking all the time about how to install a mod apk on android, where can I download Mod APK, and which is the best MOD app to use without falling into scammers' hands. This mod apk guide for downloading mod APKs will help you know everything you want about Mood apk, and how to install them on your phone.

What is an apk file?

An APK file can be defined as an application for Android systems. It can be a game, entertainment app, music app, services app or else.

You can download the apk file, install the app and use it easily on any device using android as an operating system.

Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc… Apk files can be installed as long as the device is an android OS.

What are APK MOD apps?

you can downlaod apps apk 

Before learning how to install a mod apk on your device, you should know what a mod apk or modded apk is!

Apk file is the original file of the app, while the Mod apk is a modified version of that Apk file. For example, if the developer publishes the original apk files of a certain app, then he may update the app or someone would crack the version to create another identical version. Whatever the case is, any modified versions of the original apk files are called mod apk or mod apk files.

In general, mod apks are made by apk developers, mod apk enthusiasts, hackers or else.

What are the benefits of using mod apks?

People download mod apks for different reasons like:

     They have extra features than the original version.

     They allow the user to unlock the premium features of the app.

     You don’t have to pay anything in mod APK.

 Where can I download Mod APK? Which is the best MOD app?

There are a variety of websites which you can download APK files from. However, You can download Mod APK files from popular, honest sources or the ones given by the developer of the app itself.

Here are the best websites that you can download Mod APK from:

1- AndroidHackers.io

AndriodHackers is one of the best mod apk websites because it doesn't focus on a certain niche. Here, you can find modded versions for games, music apps, streaming apps, and more. Downloading apps from AndroidHackers is super easy. All you need to do is to click on any app’s mod version to be redirected to another page where you can find all the features of the app. it redirects to a new page.

You can find a lot here like Netflix, Cam Scanner, Spotify, Turbo VPN, Call of Duty, Clash of Clans, and the list continues.


2- Apkpure

At Apkpure, you guarantee to download only the faster, safer, and reliable mod versions of the preferred applications. You can find any apps like games, music apps or anything else.


With Apkpure, you are not forced to include any extension to use the same. Everything will be done seamlessly.

3- Happymod

Happymod is a very organised mod apk resource because it divides the mod apk versions of apps into categories. You'll find different categories including games, entertainment apps, top mods and others.

Go to the category that the preferred mod app is related to and you'll find the mod apk versions.

They have a fantastic collection that includes Subway Surfers, Brawl Stars, TikTok, Clash of Clans, etc., which are some of the numerous choices on the website.

Unfortunately, it only works for Android users, Pay attention to any IOS versions as they're all fake.


4- Apkmody

This choice for mod apk versions of an app is a familiar source among users. In addition to offering mod versions for android apps, it also provides tutorials and guides to help you install them.

What encourages the users to use Apkmody is having an alternative app version for its website. The app has all the mod versions Available on the website.


5- Techappsandroid

Techappsandroid is one of the best websites that allow you to download mod Apk files for free. The site guarantees safety and security as well as providing a variety of different mod apk files.

Downloading apk files may be dangerous if you don’t trust the source. That’s why most users prefer Techappsandroid


These are 5 of the best Mod APK websites which we recommend using. Choose the most comfortable one for you and start downloading!

Now, you can ask how to install the mod apk on android.


How to Download mod apk on android?

There are many ways to download a mod apk on your device, but the best way is to visit any of the websites mentioned above. I usually use techappsandroid.

I visit the website, search for the mod apk you want then download it. That's it!


This would be much easier and a time saver than installing any third-party app service to help you finish your task.

How to Install mod apk on Android?

As you already downloaded the apk file on your device, it is time to install it to become available to use.

Here is how to download the mod apk on an android phone with simple steps:

  Step 1: Head over to www.techappsandroid.com


Step 2-

When you download the mod apk file, you'll receive a notification telling you that you downloaded a file. Please keep it for later use.

On your phone, go to Settings then click on Apps.

You'll see the image below:


Step 2-

On the top right of the screen, you'll see 3 dots. Click on them to display the extra options.

You'll see a page like an image below showing the following options:



Click on the option for special access.


Step 3-

Now, you'll get another list of options. Choose “Install unknown apps” from the menu.

You'll see the image below:



Step 4:

Now, you'll get another list of the apps on your phone.

Select the browser which you used to download the apk.

You'll see the image below:

Step 5-

Tap on chrome then and turn the button on. This allows chrome to download apps on your phone.

You are ready now for installing any app you want on your device.

Step 6-

Click the notification which you got in step 1 that tells you that you've downloaded an app on your phone. 

Step 7-

You'll be redirected to the downloaded files, click on this apk file as shown in the image below:

Step 8-

Click install to install the app on your phone.

Congratulations on installing the apk file successfully. 

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